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How to Reach Agriturismo Torricella:

Coming from ORVIETO (A1 highway exit)

– Exit at Orvieto from the A1 highway, then turn right towards Orvieto; drive straight onto Via Costanzi until the roundabout.

– At the roundabout, take the second exit towards Allerona – Castel Viscardo.

– Drive through Orvieto scalo. You will also have to drive through a narrow tunnel under the railroad. Drive through the crossroads with the blinking traffic lights, and 200 meters after that, find another crossroads (up the hill). Here turn right towards Sferracavallo – Allerona – Castel Viscardo (5,5 km).

– Once you arrive in Sferracavallo, at the roundabout take the first exit towards Castel Viscardo (6 km).
At the crossroads (next to the ERG gas station) bear left towards Castel Viscardo. (Here signs are not easy to see: if you keep right instead of bearing left you will get to Allerona!) (10 km).

– Drive onto the flat road (also called “strada dell ex-aeroporto”) until a crossroads towards Viceno (on the left) . Here the road has specific speed limits (13,5 km). Turn towards Viceno and drive up the hill until the borough of Viceno.

– Cross Viceno (narrow street among the houses) (15 km).

– After the borough of Viceno, at the next crossroads follow directions towards Castel Viscardo, right on a curve (16,5 km).

– At the roundabout take the second exit towards Acquapendente (18 km).

– At the crossroads turn right towards Acquapendente, next to the small air field (20,5 km).

– At the Torre Alfina crossroads, take a left and keep following for Acquapendente.

– Once arrived in Acquapendente, at the stop crossroads (STOP) turn right towards Siena. Now you are driving onto Via Cassia.

– Drive through Acquapendente and keep driving onto Via Cassia (39,5 km).

– At Km 142,100 on Via Cassia, drive onto a paved road on your right. This is the old Via Cassia (40 km).
You will arrive in località Torricella. The agriturismo in on the top of the hill on the right.